The advantages of studying abroad in communication in the US

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The media industry is increasingly "hot" in the world. Therefore, studying communication in the US is becoming a trend that many people choose. The following article will provide you with relevant information as well as the advantages of studying this major in the US.

1. Overview of the media industry in the US

As a country that attracts many international students, besides studying in the US to study film or study medicine in the US, media is also considered an industry that has never cooled down in this country. Considered as the country with the best training quality in the world, in 2016-2017, the US ranked 1st in the QS Top Universities ranking among the best media training countries.

The US has many top universities for communication training

2. Jobs after graduation in communication

In the US, communications graduates are very popular with businesses because they are seen as versatile employees. Here are some jobs that you can try after graduating from a media major.
– Economics
In companies, human resources with communication knowledge are very important. When you just graduated from school and have no experience, you can write articles or make an outline for a presentation to your boss. Once you have experience, you can take on other positions from management to training for new employees. Every business needs communication to be able to maintain a relationship with its customers as well as its brand. Therefore, working in economics is not a bad choice when studying communication in the US.

– Human resources industry
Today, businesses are more and more important to attract talent and inspire employees to work. Therefore, the field of internal communication was born and became an important link in large companies and corporations. Your task in this area is usually to carry out efforts such as writing press releases, updating bulletin boards, creating events, etc. to make all employees in the company feel happy and boost their working capacity.
What major should I choose to study in the US to get a good job?
Studying in the US is the dream of many students because here, you not only have the opportunity to study in one of the most outstanding training systems in the world but also have the opportunity to settle down and work. Castle.…
– Marketing, PR and advertising industry
These are the top 3 majors after you study communications in the US. Human resources can do jobs related to transmitting information and data in written or spoken form to consumers, colleagues or customers. These jobs will be done with the support of tools such as outdoor advertising, television, radio, etc.
– Media industry
Some candidates after studying media in the US often work in the entertainment industry such as film production, journalism or online and electronic channels, etc. However, this industry is highly competitive and often Preference will be given to graduates in the field of journalism. However, do not worry too much because opportunities will come to everyone.
– Electronic media industry
With the development of e-commerce, the electronic media industry also needs more and more human resources. If you are passionate about this industry, after graduating you should take a few more short courses on Digital, the knowledge of the media industry will help you a lot.
 Education industry
After you graduate with a degree in communication in the US, if you want to work as a lecturer in this subject, you should study a further level as well as a pedagogical course. With the specific nature, these lecturers are always required to update information regularly to be able to convey the most realistic knowledge to their students.

3. Advantages of studying communication in the US

Studying communication in the US has many advantages
• Studying in the US for communication will help you gain access to the latest practical knowledge because the US is a leading country in this field.
• When you study communication, you will learn how to analyze all aspects of problems to find new trends. Therefore, studying communication will help you have an overview of everything.
• Not only the media industry, studying in the US gives you a lot of advantages, especially a degree. A university diploma in the US is very respected, especially in Vietnam.
• When studying in the US for communication, career opportunities will be very open to you. Not only can you work in a variety of industries, but you also have the opportunity to work all over the world.

4. Top 3 best media training schools in the US

– University of Southern California
The University of Southern California, also known as the University of Southern California Institute, is a private, non-profit university located in the city of Los Angeles, California, USA. The school was founded in 1880, this is a multi-disciplinary training school. In the 2016-2017 school year, the school is a leader in training media in the world.
Media schools in the US have a very good curriculum
– Stanford University
As one of the few schools ranked among the top in the world in all fields of training, Stanford University is home to many of the world's top CEOs. In addition to being ranked 4th in the world in the field of communication training, the school is also rated 5 stars by its students in terms of facilities and equipment.
– University of Wisconsin Madison
In achievement and prestige, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has long been recognized as one of the great universities in the United States. The school offers a wide range of liberal arts studies, professional programs and student living. Many of its programs are hailed as world leaders in teaching, research, and public service. The school is currently ranked 5th in the world for media training.
Introduction of types of US student visas
When going to study in the US, in addition to preparing clothes, books and necessary documents, you also need to prepare a visa. However, which visa is best for you? The following article will introduce you to the types of tourist visas…
Studying communication in the US is a trend among international students not only in Vietnam but also in the world. However, you should not run after a "hot" industry, but should choose an industry that suits your ability and passion. Hope you will succeed on your chosen path.

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