Studying Pedagogy in the US, should or not?

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Pedagogy is always one of the subjects chosen by young people, especially women, in the university entrance exams each year in Vietnam. Choosing to study Pedagogy, young people want to have the opportunity to teach at State schools under a stable regime. However, the surplus of human resources in the Pedagogy industry is increasing, causing many students to have plans to change the direction of the industry. And one of the other paths that you choose is to study pedagogy in countries with advanced curricula like the US. Let's find out the reasons young people choose to study Education in the US, and the opportunities they receive when deciding to study abroad.

1. Potential when choosing to study Pedagogy

With the ongoing surplus of human resources in the field of Pedagogy in Vietnam, many people mistakenly believe that choosing this major will not have many opportunities for learners to develop their careers quickly.
According to the form of the bachelor's pedagogical program in Vietnam, students will only be taught at levels 1, 2 and 3 in public schools after graduation. When you want to teach undergraduate programs, you need to have at least a specialized Master's degree. However, the competitive rate is often quite high, and this is also considered one of the reasons why young people want to study Education abroad to earn an internationally-regarded degree.
In addition, after graduation, if you are taught at universities, you also have the opportunity to gain experience through positions such as teaching assistants, advisors, instructors... At the same time, you can teach at private centers, with a very stable income.
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2. Why should you study in the US for Pedagogy?

The US is one of the countries with the best study programs in the world, and will definitely always be the first country for students to choose when studying abroad.
Most Vietnamese students often choose to study Education in the US with a Master's degree, so that they can obtain a Master's degree, or a Doctorate to serve their career development at universities in Vietnam after returning home. If you're even better, many of you have had the opportunity to work as a consultant at the university you studied in the US, or at other schools when the opportunity arises.
It can be seen that, after studying in the US, your teaching career is always commented to be much more advanced.

3. The benefits of choosing to study in the US

Studying in the US often focuses on training more teaching skills, an important factor in becoming a successful teacher, in addition to specialized knowledge.
The strongest points of universities teaching Pedagogy in the US can be mentioned:
- Rich and diverse majors for you to choose from.
– To learn the best specialized knowledge, supplement the most effective knowledge, improve your own level, and help you get the best learning foundation after studying abroad.
The learning process is effective when the teacher can interact well with his students. Therefore, in addition to focusing on teaching methods, professional knowledge. Students are also trained in communication skills, lesson creation skills, team management skills, teaching and communication skills in the most effective ways.
– The training process is focused, students are learning with traditional methods combined with modern to be able to absorb lectures effectively. Apply to your own skills.
– Teaching skills are more advanced, helping you find your own teaching method.
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4. Conditions to study in Pedagogy

After making the decision to choose the United States to study in Education, you wonder what to prepare for your application. A bachelor's pedagogical course usually lasts from 3-4 years, a master's program is 1-2 years, and a doctoral program is 2 years, with certain requirements for each level of study.
Here are the most common requirements that most American universities set forth for students to meet when entering a Bachelor's program, not only in Pedagogy but also in other disciplines:
– At least 3 A-level certificates are required for admission procedures at the school. This certificate can be studied and taken at English schools in the form of studying in Vietnam, studying abroad or studying before entering an official university.
– IELTS or TOEFL iBT qualifications.
When you go to graduate school, you need to have at least 2 years of work experience in your home country and a university degree with an equivalent pedagogical level.
Ensure an IELTS score of at least 6.5 and TOEFL iBT of at least 75.
There are letters of recommendation from reputable individuals, especially individuals in the same fields of expertise. For pedagogy, the recommendation of the Professor, the Principal and the longtime lecturer you have studied are the best.

5. Pedagogical majors

Similar to the system of pedagogical majors in Vietnam, the pedagogical majors in the US university system include majors such as:
• Preschool education: Kindergarten and Primary school.
• Development of Kindergarten Psychology.
• Skills in teaching kindergarten age.
• Primary education.
• Pedagogy majoring in English.
• Math Pedagogy.
• Biology Pedagogy.
• Chemistry Pedagogy.
• Pedagogy of Physics.
• Pedagogy Specializing in Social Sciences.
• Pedagogy of Physical Education.
• Technical pedagogy and skills training.
• Foreign language pedagogy: French, Spanish, German...
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6. Universities that offer Pedagogy in the US

Most of the universities in the US have a curriculum for Pedagogy. If you are wondering which school to choose, you can refer to some schools such as:
University of Toledo: with 46 Pedagogical subjects.
University of South Dakota: As one of the largest public universities in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities in the US, with undergraduate and graduate training programs.
University of Colorado – Boulder: One of the largest and oldest universities in the US. The school is also considered as one of the schools that train outstanding talents, an advanced curriculum with very reasonable tuition fees.
University of Iowa: Is a general university with other Pedagogical majors that you may be interested in. With the largest majors being Social Sciences and Humanities, students majoring in Social Sciences can choose the school as the best place to study.
Arizona Public University: The university has strengths in the arts, sciences, business, design, justice, education and training. Definitely will be a great choice for Pedagogical students to choose to study.
University of Washington: Another public university that students majoring in Pedagogy should be interested in is the University of Washington, one of the leading universities in the US with the most outstanding training sciences such as English, Social Science, Natural Science, Sociology…
University of Houston: Although one of the youngest universities of all, was founded in 1927. But the University of Houston, Texas has so far built its own reputation as one of the oldest universities in the world. Texas's largest university, with a diverse system of different majors including Pedagogy.
University of San Diego: If you plan to study Education in California, you can choose the University of San Diego, one of the largest and oldest public universities in the city of San Diego. The school has 7 main majors: Engineering, Economics, Public Health, Psychology, Art, Biology, Diplomacy, Education, and Linguistics... will be the choice for you when you want to improve your skills. degree at the Master of Pedagogy level.
It can be seen that studying in the US is considered a great opportunity for students who want to stick with and develop a long-term teaching career. Most Vietnamese students often choose to study abroad in a postgraduate program to consolidate their knowledge and improve their ability to be taught at major universities. However, if you choose to study Pedagogy right from the first year of University, you will have more opportunities to study, add more knowledge and skills as well as the opportunity to transfer to a Master's degree is also very easy. with attractive scholarships. Let's find out more universities with quality teaching prestigious pedagogy that you can choose when studying abroad.

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